Family Kitchen

My grandmother and great-grandmother came from an age where growing your own food and cooking elaborate meals were second nature. Time in the kitchen was mastered by using a majority of the senses: sight, taste, feel, and smell. Items were measured and mixed with their hands and substitutions were made on a daily basis since there was no convenience store down the street.

I developed a love of baking in my grandmother's kitchen and chose this as my profession. I learned the science and the techniques, but did all this formal training hinder me in the kitchen? Did it make me think too much instead of relying on my instincts like my ancestors? Reading antique cookbooks is a favorite pastime of mine - a little nerdy, but I'm a liitle nerdy, so it makes me happy. Antique cookbooks can be quite vague in direction and measurement explanation, which made me think "Can I use my formal training to produce these recipes successfully in today's world?" Follow my blog for my future attempts to create the recipes of yesterday. I may succeed or even fail miserably. Stay tuned and wish me luck!