Edible Flowers

Spring and summer are the time when fresh fruits are in season and beautiful flowers come into bloom. Find a way to combine both elements of summer by trying some edible flowers in your recipes.

Edible Flowers

Flower Use
Carnations infuse into candies or use as cake decorations. Carnation petals are used to make the French liqueur, Chartreuse
Chrysanthemum  used in teas and rice wine
Cornflower commonly used in herbal teas, salads and culinary decorations
Dandelion the honey-like flavor when picked young is great in salads
Lavender wonderful as an infusion or garnish
Lemon Verbena wide variety of uses, works great as an infusion into custard desserts
Lilac sugared lilac enhances the look of any cake or dessert
Orange Blossom easily found as a blossom water in specialty food stores
Pansy mild flavor used as a garnish
Peony steeped as teas, try adding to your favorite summer punch
Rose popular as a sugared garnish
Squash Blossoms used often in savory dishes
Violet wide variety of uses, but they look amazing as a sugared garnish

**Please be sure to use organic flowers that have not been sprayed with chemicals. Do not use the flowers from florists or nurseries as a food product because these flowers have been treated and are not safe for food consumption. Look for flowers marked for food stock.

How To Sugar Flowers

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the flower petals

Equipment needed
  • Egg whites
  • Granulated sugar
  • Small paintbrush
  • Wire rack lined with parchment paper
  • Edible flowers

Thin out the egg whites with a slight amount of water and whisk until foamy. Individually paint each flower with the lightly beaten egg whites until thoroughly covered. Once the flower is completely painted with egg whites, sprinkle the granulated sugar over the flower. Place on the wire rack and dry overnight. Check the base of the bloom to test for dryness before use.