Common Mistakes

Common baking mistakes

Simple good habits can go a long way when trying to achieve consistently great results with your baked goods. Developing bad habits or not paying attention to the small details can make for a very frustrating day in the kitchen.

Fully Read a Recipe

Many internet recipes are unedited nowadays so they may contain the following items:

  • Wrong measurements - teaspoon miswritten as a tablespoon can quickly ruin a recipe *Like sample recipe below
  • Missing ingredients - you may find a reference to an ingredient in the mixing directions that is not mentioned in the list of ingredient measurements
  • Just because the picture looks good doesn't mean the recipe matches your skill level - read the recipe to see if you can understand how to put the recipe together
  • A hidden prep work instruction - now the recipe takes longer then expected
half recipe sample

**Do not make changes to a recipe you have never made before

Finding a new recipe that you want to try can be exciting, but what if the recipe doesn't give you the results you want or contains a mistake so it doesn't work? If you try to add your own flavors or ingredient adjustment before you make the original recipe once or twice then it will never be known whether it's a functional recipe.

Measure and Prep Recipe

Mise En Place

Means everything in place. Professional kitchens use this term to describe the prep work needed to set up a recipe

  • Doing mise en place ahead of time allows you to move through the recipe quickly and smoothly
  • Do not measure ingredients or prepare ingredients as you are in the process of mixing the recipe. This may result in skipping ingredients or overmixing a batter
  • Measuring the same way every time will help keep your recipes consistent

Match your skill level

It can be exciting finding a new recipe that sounds yummy and is accompanied by a beautiful picture, but what if you are the person who has only baked cookies that you cut from a premade log of dough?? Start simple, if you only try and cook for special occasions, then making recipes above your skill level will create a stressful experience for you. If you have a recipe that works well for you than change the flavors to make it new. Example: your specialty is banana bread, then try adding a streusel topping or nuts and chocolate for a new twist.

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