Healthy Alternatives

ingredients for baking

Here are some ideas on healthy adjustments to make while baking.

Replace Sour Cream

Instead of sour cream, replace it in equal portions with Greek yogurt or low-fat yogurt. This will help reduce fat and calories. Using Greek yogurt can also give a boost of protein.

Remove Heavy Cream

Replace heavy cream in a recipe by substituting evaporated milk in equal amounts, this will help reduce calories while keeping the richness in your product. A wide variety of soy, nut and rice milks are also available in todays market that will help reduce the fat of heavy cream in your recipe. 


Replacing butter can be done in several ways:

  • Equal replacements can be made with pureed banana, prunes or mashed avocado
  • Banana puree will reduce cooking time so be sure to keep on eye on baked goods while in the oven
  • Mashed avocado will add color to the product so keep that in mind. Avocado is a great substitution in brownies
  • Replace 1/2 the amount of butter with applesauce or prune puree

American Style Buttercream

Buttercream that is made with just butter and powdered sugar can be switched with a Swiss or Italian meringue style buttercream (made with egg whites) or use marshmallow creme for frosting.

Vegetable Oil

Coconut, saffron or olive oil are great replacements for vegetable or corn oils. Remember that your flavor will be affected so think about the overall flavor of the recipe before any changes are made.


Try making your own fruit compote to help control the amount of sugar added. Use a homemade fruit compote in place of syrup on your morning French toast, pancakes or oatmeal for a healthy alternative.

Need a replacement for your evening bowl of ice cream? Try freezing some bananas then puree them in a blender with some vanilla.

For a healthy boost of fiber add a little ground flax seed or chia seed to your food

**For more ingredient substitutions check out our substitution chart.

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