Tips For Better Baking

measuring tools

Some of the smallest things can make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Here is a random list of quick ideas.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

  • The recipe calls for 12 oz of apples - how do you figure out how many apples to peel and trim for the recipe? Prepare 1 apple and then measure that 1 apple, whether it is a weight measurement (12 oz) or volume measurement (2 cups) the first apple will give you an estimate of how many you will need for the recipe.
  • Before juicing citrus fruit be sure to zest it first even if the recipe does not call for zest. Store the zest in the freezer for future recipes.
  • To get the most juice from fruit make sure the fruit is at room temperature or even warm. Roll the fruit on a hard flat surface while apply pressure with the palm of your hand and this will help release the juice from the pulp before you slice the fruit open.

Using Pan Spray

  • Spray liquid measuring cups when measuring items such as honey, molasses or syrups so the sticky liquid pours easily out of the measuring cup.
  • When spraying baking pans try spraying over the top of your sink or garbage can so the over-spray does not fall onto the floor or counter tops creating a slippery and unsafe environment.

Whipping Cream or Egg Whites

  • Whip heavy cream when it is very cold to achieve smooth, thick whip cream. If the cream is at room temperature it will separate and look curdled while whipping.
  • To get a better volume from whipped egg whites, use room temperature or even slightly warm egg whites.
  • If making a meringue on a humid or rainy day, add a little acid into the egg whites while whipping to help achieve a better volume. Acids generally used are lemon juice, cream of tartar or vinegar.

Slippery Surface

  • Place a damp dish towel under your cutting board to help prevent it from moving while using a knife.
  • Need to add liquids into your bowl while whisking at the same time, but you have to hold your bowl still and you don't have enough hands? Use a rubber mat or a damp towel under the bowl to prevent sliding or you can use a bath towel to form a donut shape and set the bowl inside the hole to keep it still while you are whisking.
  • Spilled flour, food or liquids can make a kitchen floor dangerously slippery. Clean as you go to help keep your environment safe, plus your clean up at the end of the day won't seem so overwhelming if you are a messy cook.
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