Vanilla Beans

Vanilla sugar

Vanilla beans have a wonderful flavor and are very versatile, be sure to use every part of the bean to take full advantage of the flavor intensity.

Quality and Storage

  • Bean should be dark, plump and feel oily
  • Skin should be sleek in appearance and free of mold
  • Store in a glass or plastic jar in a cool, dark place
  • NEVER store in the refrigerator - this promotes mold
  • If you live in a humid climate - don't by in bulk. Wrap in wax paper and store in glass jar

Beans should last about 6-9 months if stored properly. If the bean dries out, rehydrate it in hot water for about 30 minutes

Scraping out Seed

  • Place vanilla bean flat on the table
  • Hold down at one end of the bean
  • Using paring knife, cut into the skin down the middle of the bean
  • Peel skin open and place back on table
  • Hold down one end of the bean and use back of knife to scrape out seed
  • Don't throw away the skin

Where to Use Skin of Bean

  • Heat with your morning oatmeal
  • Soak in waffle or crepe batter
  • Add into hot mulled wine or cider
  • Heat with cream when making custards, creams or hot chocolate
  • Make your own vanilla sugar
  • Make homemade vanilla extract

Vanilla Lavendar Sugar Recipe

Ingredient Measurement
Culinary Lavender 2 tsp
Vanilla Bean - just skin or full bean split open 1
Sugar 2 Cups

Mix together and store in a canister for 2 weeks to achieve great flavor.

After making plain vanilla sugar you can still use the vanilla bean. Grind it into your coffee grounds for a light fresh vanilla flavor

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