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Alternative Flours

Need to figure out how to start removing gluten from your diet? Gain a better understanding of what alternative flours are all about. Most specialty flours can not be equally replaced in a recipe or disaster will strike... Read More

winnie the pooh cake

Buttercream is a staple in every pastry kitchen. The richness of Simple Buttercream to the lightness of Italian Buttercream a wonderful frosting is the perfect topping to any cake. Learn the secrets to making a smooth beautiful frosting to compliment your favorite cake... Read More

3 types of cakes

Pound cake, sponge cake, angelfood, chiffon, geniose, butter cake ugh! It's enough to make your head spin, but why are there some many different styles of cake and what are they all used for? Just like the huge variety of cookies available nowadays, cakes come in a wide variety and are great for creating a wide range of different desserts... Read More

Baking powder and baking soda

Baking soda and baking powder and two powerful chemical leaveners that are commonly used nowdays. They each have their own great qualities and when used properly both will give a baked good volume and tenderness. Misuse of chemical leaveners can result in a very bad day in a kitchen... Read More

Common baking mistakes

Even the best baker can have bad days in the kitchen. Weather can mess up the ingredients, the scale batteries may be running low, or the sugar you thought was in the cupboard is now gone. Learn how to set yourself up for success... Read More

Cooking sugar on stovetop

It's amazing the wide range of yummy products you can make by cooking sugar. Syrups, candies, buttercreams and caramels are all produced by cooking sugar to a certain temperature. Sugar burns are very painful and caution should be taken whenever you attempt these products... Read More

Enhance any dessert with edible fresh flowers. Gardens come alive in the spring and this is a great way to add natural flavor and beauty to a recipe... Read More

Cake stand outdoors

Did you ever slightly overbaked a cake or cupcakes? Or have you been dying to try a yummy cake recipe, but after you make it the cake is dry and unsatisfying? Don't worry, there are ways to save this recipe without starting over... Read More


What can be better then the smooth combination of chocolate and cream. Ganache has endless potential for flavor combinations and dessert uses. Learn some simple tricks to create a smooth, luscious ganache... Read More

Eggs in carton

Life can be total chaos sometimes and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Learn how to reduce your stress and become more efficient when it's time to head to the kitchen. Turn baking into fun family time instead of something you dread with these quick tips from professional chefs... Read More

ingredients for baking

Whether it's reducing the fat content of a recipe or trying to figure out how to replace a egg, making healthy substitutions to recipe can be tricky. Find out some ideas on how to make your desserts more "guilt free" in this tip article on healthy recipe adjustments... Read More

mountain range

Those yummy cinnamon rolls from a restaurant in the Midwest will turn out a little differently in your kitchen in the Rocky Mountains. What changes need to be made so recipes can be successful at high altitudes... Read More

bread slice

Need some clever suggestions on how to use up all the holiday baked goods that are lining the kitchen counters? Find out how to take leftovers and create a brand new item in this tip article about holiday leftovers... Read More


Does temperature of ingredients really matter? What happens if the time isn't taken to bring things to recommended temperature? Can it ruin a recipe? Find out how to make your day in the kitchen go smoother by learning what happens if you try to cut corners and use ingredients that are "off" temperature... Read More

whipping egg whites

Ahh, meringue. It's fluffy, light and can be used in so many ways. Beautiful topping to a pie, buttercream frostings, cookies, and those lovely little mushrooms on Buche De Noel (yule log) cakes. Learn about the different varieties of meringue and how it is utilized... Read More

measuring tools

It's the simple things that can make your experience in the kitchen more enjoyable. Tips and tricks on how to work clean and fast are useful no matter what level of skill you have with baking. When a new discovery comes along that make life easier then sharing that discovery is a great thing... Read More

Vanilla sugar

The vanilla bean is such a versatile spice. Every part can be utilized, giving us a wide range of uses for this wonderful bean. Make your own extract or vanilla sugar to enhance recipes, use the seeds for a beautiful visual in any cream or custard... Read More